Cvlt Nation

Greetings… pond scum. Looks like we finally released something. It’s a split we did with our friends in Grey Widow who are from the U.K. Cvlt Nation has put the songs up on their site for your listening pleasure. Please indulge yourself and once it comes out on Bandcamp, please get yourself… Read More »

East Coast Tour Diary, New Beginnings and a European Tour in the Works…

Touring the U.S. is fun and all but it pales in comparison to touring overseas. Ever since we went to Japan last year, things have not looked the same. And this previous tour up the East coast is a prime example. This marks my 7th tour or so with Sons… Read More »

Tricked out vans, meth labs & a hot dog…

Its been an entire year since I had my accident of falling through a roof back in April of last year. With roughly 2 months in the hospital, 4 months of physical therapy, 6 months of meds and back massages I decided that instead of sitting around and feeling sorry… Read More »

I need something… stronger

2015 is already looking to be a busy year for us. First we have a big St Patty’s day show we’re playing on March 17th at 529 here in East Atlanta with our good friends Order of the Owl, U.S. Christmas and Canopy. Should be a total fire storm of… Read More »