Resurrecting myself off of the couch

Here I am again to give you some heads ups and suches… Just added a bunch of new shows starting next month so check out our show schedule. After being held down by hospital visits and money issues, we’re back at the writing stage and are foreseeing a possible recording… Read More »

Rising back up from the ashes

We’re back at it again. After going through numerous surgeries I am back at the grindstone helping pick up the pieces we kinda left behind. Since the accident happened back in April, I had to cancel quite a few shows. However, our new goal is to play the Silver Snakes… Read More »

Read this if you feel disconnected with your surroundings

So we made it back from Japan a couple weeks back and yes its taken us this long to recover. A HUGE thank you goes out to Naoki for making the whole tour possible and Shayne from Primate for getting me in touch with Naoki in the first place! Check… Read More »

2014 is here…

In 2014 we will cover every corner of the Earth possible starting with New Orleans in 2 weeks, Japan in Feb, and low and behold… perhaps Europe in the Fall. But first, this coming weekend we go into the studio to record 3 new tracks with the help of one… Read More »